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Who can become an ATC Ambassador?

Flight Instructors

Flight Instructors are great ATC Ambassadors. You have a 1-on-1 connection with Student Pilots that makes it possible to have in depth dialogues about ATC. It's also a great way to support your own Journey in aviation.


Organizations such as
Pilot Associations, Magazines, Flying Clubs, Aviation Non-Profits, etc., are great ATC Ambassadors. Your platforms are ideal for building a strong community of Pilots who want to learn about ATC.


Influencers have the widest impact as ATC Ambassadors.
You can take the mission of ATC Education worldwide.
Being a Certified ATC Ambassador will also bring
Authority and Authenticity to your channel when you talk about ATC.

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Meet Our Ambassadors

Matthew Starr
ATC for Pilots, Founder/CEO

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself” 
Chinese Proverb

Cooper The Pilot
Aviation Influencer

“I believe that a girl should not do what she thinks she should do, but should find out through experience what she wants to do.”
Amelia Earhart

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